Clinical Services

Substance Use Assessments

Andrea is a licensed expert in the field of substance use concerns and/ or addictive disorders and utilizes best practice and the most up to date data collection tools in order to accurately diagnose and/ or define substance use concerns. All assessments meet DOT SAP, federal government, court mandated or otherwise ordered standards.

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Clinical Supervision

Andrea is an experienced and engaging clinical supervisor with flexible scheduling and sliding fee scale.

  • Clinical supervision is offered to North Carolina provisionally licensed social workers (LCSW-A), licensed clinical addiction specialists (LCAS-A), licensed professional counselors (LPC-A), Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC)- group or individual and certified clinical supervisor interns (CSI)
  • Peer Support Specialists (PSS) supervision is offered to agencies or groups as an additional or supplemental measure.

All clinical supervision is rooted in wellness and strengths models, evidence based practices, ethical approaches and state or national statutes.

Andrea supervised me throughout my LCSW licensure from 2013-2016. I cannot say enough to express Andrea’s knowledge and experience in SA, MH and dual diagnoses. She is highly knowledgeable about the biological causes of substance abuse and mental health issues, the psycho-social effects they produce, and counseling techniques used to manage these effects. Andrea was extremely flexible and easy to work with and is honestly one of most joyful and “full of life” people I have ever known. Thanks so much Andrea for your dedication to the field; we are so lucky to have you!

Andrea Morris is/was my LPCA/LCAS-A supervisor just over a year now. I remember our first meeting and felt really at ease, accepted, and found her really easy to talk to. In the past year, I’ve grown both a relationship and appreciation of her. She has been open to growth herself and has balanced respecting my decisions/thoughts with offering invitations to try something else.

I appreciate her curiosity about thoughts and actions I’ve shared with her. She has slowed me down and stopped me when I needed to take a breath. I learned so much from her and am feeling sadness I haven’t shared this with her directly and in person.

She has shown and continues to share with me ethical considerations I hadn’t thought of and authenticity in the supervisor/supervisee relationship. I also valued her input not only with the supervision we had both contracted for, but also with things like looking at my private practice website, sharing her experiences in private practice/therapeutic relationships, marketing, and bouncing ideas off of her. She encouraged creativity. She appreciated and asked for feedback which made me feel valued. She was/is highly flexible in both simple things such as scheduling and in more complex areas such as hearing areas where I disagreed with her viewpoint and seeing me as a professional and not just a “supervisee.”

I also experienced Andrea as incredibly humble in her role as a supervisor and being open to learning different ways of doing therapy, sharing with me resources that she had learned about, connecting me to other, like-minded people, and other things that she thought I might be interested like a workshop, training, or article. Lastly, I valued her authenticity. She was herself. She modeled self-care, compassion, vulnerability, and created a space for me to do the same. She made/makes me laugh and reminds me not to take myself and others too seriously. She taught me to say no to things outside of my circle of goals. She said “I don’t know” when she didn’t know the answers and frequently offered information that had never crossed my mind.

She said she believed in me and that she trusted me in moments where I was doubting myself and didn’t trust my decisions. She appreciated my mistakes and helped me process/learn from them. She respected where I was coming from, heard me, and I felt my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors were of value to myself, my clients, and to her.

I could keep going…wow. While I recollect several moments where I’ve felt gratitude towards her and appreciation, I didn’t realize how much I have been touched by her personal and professionalism in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you.

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