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Peer Support: An in-depth exploration of Ethics for Peers, Supervisors and Clinicians (3 hours/ Online).

Education for Peer Support Specialists, Supervisors, Clinical, Psychiatric, Medical Staff and Community Members

*CEU’s available: NCSAPPB Ethics and Clinical Supervision Specific

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This course created and offered by Andrea Morris and Kevin Mahoney



Andrea is a dually licensed clinician and NCSAPPB certified clinical supervisor. She has been a peer ally, educator and National thought & voice leader in the peer community for the past decade.

Kevin is a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), peer-counselor, community educator and health/social system navigator. Kevin is a trusted peer leader, activist and top expert in the rapidly evolving peer arena.




40 Hour Peer Support Specialist Training. Recovery Milestones: A Peer Support Journey. 

This is the State Required 40-Hour Training for Peer Support Specialist Candidacy in NC

Recovery Milestones: A Peer Support Journey
Instructor: Kevin Mahoney NCCPSS, Recovery Coach & Trainer, Veteran

Our next 40-hour course will be held on the following combined dates: January 4th,11th,18th & 25, 2020. Asheville, NC

*Perspective students must complete two forms prior to enrollment:

1). Application for training 

2) Reference form 

These forms may be requested by emailing Andrea Morris at [email protected] or by using our Contact Us link

Fee: $300 

Due to high demand for this course and limited availability, NO REFUNDS will be offered after purchase. 


We welcome your questions, concerns, conversation and very much look forward to connecting with you!







The Role of Applied Neuroscience in Addiction Recovery- Overview of 8 Courses


The Solution for Providers Seeking to Elevate their Understanding of the Brain’s Role in Addiction and What Can Be Improved to Facilitate Addiction Recovery


This online course provided by Dr. Michael S. Trayford, Chiropractic Neurologist, Functional Neurologist of the year 2017/ 18


Dr. Trayford’s driving force for the past decade has been bringing together those in the mental health and neuroscience communities to more effectively address the growing challenges faced by those seeking lasting freedom from addiction. He teaches, mentors, and collaborates with many providers and programs across the country seeking brain-based approaches to addiction recovery.







Mental Health First Aid Course (8 hours)


Mental health literacy is everyone’s responsibility!


To learn more about how a MHFA course can help you make your community a better place, click here


To schedule a veteran, higher education, law enforcement specific or general community MHFA module training for your group, community or agency please contact Andrea directly 


*Our next scheduled MHFA course will be held in Asheville, NC on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019. This adult module training yeilds a 3-year National Mental Health First Aid responder certification. To register, click HERE


This in person training provided by Andrea Morris, MSW, LCSW, MAC, LCAS, CCS




Exploring Peer Support (8 hours)*Also available to groups or agencies upon request.


Contact us directly to learn moreThis course provides an interactive, supportive environment and personal work-book to assist students in examining their own goals and responsible introspection when considering a career in Peer Support. This course is intended as an exploratory course and may be used as optional/ non-required requisite to the 40-hour Peer Supporter.


This in person training provided by Andrea Morris, MSW, LCSW, MAC, LCAS, CCSP







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