Andrea Morris, MSW, LCSW, MAC, LCAS, CCS, RYT is the founder & executive director of Morris Consulting. She is considered the go-to provider and thought leader in the mental health and addiction recovery field.

As a light worker grounded in the human experience, helping clients return to their natural state of wellbeing, joy and abundance in all directions is always her goal. She is a trusted expert in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, group wellness and referrals, and utilizes evidence-based practices to ensure results that exceed expectations. 

Andrea is a dually licensed counselor, clinical addictions specialist, clinical social worker, a peer support systems educator and consultant, and yoga teacher. She collaborates with other highly esteemed colleagues to provide continuing education opportunities on the latest developments in mind-body-spirit Re-Membering and trauma-informed therapeutic practices. She’s on a mission to prove that addiction recovery isn’t just possible, it’s probable when you have the right tools, community and a spirit of allowing.

Andrea also provides Building a Better Theraputic Business consultation services. Led with a strong business sense, a tried and true marketing model and a humanistic approach, her work supports individual providers in merging energetically with their true worth, honing their craft, and paving the way that can in turn help a single voice reach hunders of thousands.

Andrea’s unique work has been described as Backed by Science, Led by Spirit and in Service to the Raw Human Condition.

“I am motivated and driven towards wellness and excellence for all persons and communities. I am constantly reminded that all individuals are resilient.” A. Morris, 2012