Morris Consulting is honored to present our featured trainer, Dr. Michael S. Trayford.

Dr. Trayford is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and the Founder and Director of Innovation at APEX Brain Centers in Asheville, NC. His primary areas of focus in clinical practice and associated research are learning and behavioral disorders of adulthood, and brain injury.
He is a published journal author, international lecturer, and proud recipient of the 2017/18 Functional Neurologist of the Year award from the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Trayford’s driving force for the past decade has been bringing together those in the mental health and neuroscience communities to more effectively address the growing challenges faced by those seeking lasting freedom from addiction. He teaches, mentors, and collaborates with many providers and programs across the country seeking neuroscience (neuroplasticity) based approaches to addiction recovery.

In January 2018, Morris Consulting will begin the release of an 8-part series by Dr. Trayford titled “The Role of Applied Neuroscience in Addiction Recovery”. This online series will be available on demand and continuing education units will be available.